Shar V

"Maybe I'm just hungry ... But their food selection was awesome today. Typical of a "Turo-turo" joint.. This place has everything from milk fish to goat.. Their portion is pretty well balanced, not too overflowing , but filling as well.. I like that they have a debit card / credit card option and do not charge you extra for using your card. I recommend the milkfish but know it's not part of any combo and sold individually. They also give you free broth at the end by the counter.. Overall good selections, and nice people."

Cheryl Ann B

"I don't eat Filipino fast food often but when I do I hit this place up. Food taste great and the prices are better than the other fast food spots. Crispy pata is bomb with the Mang Tomas sauce and beef caldereta with rice. Sisig is good too not hella oily. Definitely one of the best Filipino fast food in Vallejo."

Chuck C

" A gold mine in Vallejo.

I really love this place. I came here when it first opened. It was good then and good now. Very consistent. However I've also watched the price of their food also increase, but that's understandable.

They have almost every Filipino food dish thinkable. To name a few: sisig, lechon, pancit, palabok, inihaw, kare-kare, pusit, and many soups.

All the food here is good.

You can get a combo plate for about 4 bucks. But If you'd like a la carte they have that too. They have small$3.50, medium$5, and large $10. However these prices are subject to change.

It's nice to be able and eat Filipino food. There are not many establishments but in Vallejo there seems to be an abundance. However Dj's beats them all!"




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MAROUS F.      

I love the food here. The portions are good. Plenty of space if you want to eat there. Decent food selection. The only reason why I didn't give it a 5 star is because the employee's need to learn how to smile instead of looking like we are interupting their break time. haha

Zeela D.      

Every Filipino party, if it is important has a Lechon which is a roasted whole pig that is steeped in lemon grass, mango leaves and marinated and drenched with coconut juice. The meat from the pig is pale and tender and the skin is crispy and can be used for pork rinds.

Sule R.      

This is my go to for filipino fast food. Love there meat sticks, pork or chicken adobo and turon. If you want pastries they have a pretty good selection of ube candies and breads. Its pretty clean the service is good it was highly recommended to me by filipino friends.